Volume 12 (2016, in progress)
Vol 12, Article 11 (pp 1-17)
Anti-concentration for Polynomials of Independent Random Variables
by Raghu Meka, Oanh Nguyen, and Van Vu
Vol 12, Article 10 (pp 1-35)
Robust Lower Bounds for Communication and Stream Computation
by Amit Chakrabarti, Graham Cormode, and Andrew McGregor
Vol 12, Article 9 (pp 1-23) [APRX-RND14 Spec Issue]
Communication Complexity of Set-Disjointness for All Probabilities
by Mika Göös and Thomas Watson
Vol 12, Article 8 (pp 1-3) [APRX-RND14 Spec Issue]
Special Issue: APPROX-RANDOM 2014: Guest Editors' Foreword
by Deeparnab Chakrabarty and David Galvin
Vol 12, Article 7 (pp 1-27)
Efficient Indexing of Necklaces and Irreducible Polynomials over Finite Fields
by Swastik Kopparty, Mrinal Kumar, and Michael Saks
Vol 12, Article 6 (pp 1-11) [NOTE]
Simple Proof of Hardness of Feedback Vertex Set
by Venkatesan Guruswami and Euiwoong Lee
Vol 12, Article 5 (pp 1-14)
A Tradeoff Between Length and Width in Resolution
by Neil Thapen
Vol 12, Article 4 (pp 1-50)
Majority is Stablest: Discrete and SoS
by Anindya De, Elchanan Mossel, and Joe Neeman
Vol 12, Article 3 (pp 1-42)
Interactive Proofs for $\mathsf{BQP}$ via Self-Tested Graph States
by Matthew McKague
Vol 12, Article 2 (pp 1-34)
Lattice Sparsification and the Approximate Closest Vector Problem
by Daniel Dadush and Gábor Kun
Vol 12, Article 1 (pp 1-61) [APRX-RND13 Spec Issue]
Private Learning and Sanitization: Pure vs. Approximate Differential Privacy
by Amos Beimel, Kobbi Nissim, and Uri Stemmer
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